G Pen Elite

The new G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is a much anticipated portable vaporizer. The Elite Vaporizer has an adjustable temperature between 200F-428F and will display the current Temp and battery information on a futuristic looking LCD on the side of the device. Also special in the Elite is a super dead ceramic chamber that is is able to reach 357F in 30 seconds.
The Elite comes in a round package,that is different and unique. Included in the box are a Charger, Chamber tool, and a G pen Grinder Card. You can take the Metal Grinder card in your wallet like a credit card and pull it out for the right moment. Good solution to traveling situations.
The G Pen Elite is well designed and fits perfectly in your hand. Grenco is known to manufacturer fashionable devices such as the G Pro and the Elite is no different. It feels luxurious, dense and sturdy. G Pen completely changed the design over their previous generation of products, and the Elite has a super modern ergonomic design with well thought curves and controls.

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