How to Receive Medical Marijuana in Canada

Under the new MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes) regulation, anyone who resides primarily in Canada can be prescribed MMJ (medical marijuana) from their doctor.

All Canadian physicians are authorized to prescribe cannabis. Additionally, nurse practitioners working where recommending cannabis for medical purposes is permitted under their scope of practice may also prescribe.

How to become a medical marijuana patient in Canada

  • You need to be a Canadian resident.
  • Register with your choice of a licensed medical marijuana producer.
  • (You do not need to register with Health Canada).
  • Submit the original prescription to your licensed producer (you may wish to keep a copy for yourself as well).
  • Provide the licensed marijuana producer with your personal info, (applicant’s given name, surname, date of birth and gender).
  • Include your contact info, (address, phone number, email address, etc).

Applicants Without a Permanent Residence

Alternatively, you can provide the contact info for the hospital, hostel or other institution where you are staying. The application statement will need to be signed and dated by a manager of the specified shelter, hostel or similar institution confirming that the institution provides food, lodging or other social services to you.

The Application Statement Requirements

The licensed cannabis producer needs to receive the completed paper work before they are permitted to fill your prescription.

The Applicant Statement includes:

  • A written statement indicating that the applicant is indeed a Canadian resident.
  • Confirmation that the information in the application and the medical document is correct and complete.
  • Acknowledge that the medical document is not being used to seek or obtain dried marijuana from another source.
  • The statement needs to indicate that the applicant will use dried marijuana only for their own medical purposes.
  • Be sure to include the original of the medical document (i.e a doctor’s prescription).
  • The applicants signature (or signature of a responsible individual) and the date it was signed.

Statement by responsible individual

The application can be prepared and signed by a responsible individual on behalf of the patient. Simply follow the standard application requirements (above) and include a statement by that individual that they are responsible for the applicant. Remember to include the date.

Maximum Cannabis Prescription Amounts

Licensed producers are allowed to provide up to 150 grams or 30 times the daily amount, whichever is less, per shipment. As a medical marijuana patient, you will be allowed to possess up to 150 grams of dried cannabis at any given time (just over five ounces).

The section of the MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes regulation) dealing with patient registration can be found here.    

Maria Kravets
Maria Kravets