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If you are a user of medicinal marijuana, your smartphone is probably the first place you look for your local dispensary or a doctor. Smartphone app technology has been advancing rapidly as companies try to keep up with the changing needs of the cannabis customer. In 2016, four U.S. states, including California, legalized recreational marijuana use with more states expected to follow suit. The industry is growing exponentially and had sales of 5.4 billion in 2015. The burgeoning business and new source of tax revenue have new states voting to legalize recreational use. With this growing market of legal customers comes growing consumer expectations for usability and accuracy of information. Consumers want easy to use sources of information that can be accessed at their fingertips.

A mobile directory solution?

To satisfy this trend, a new innovative marijuana directory app, called PotDrive, is launching this quarter. Available as a free download for iOS and Android, it's positioning itself as mobile utility that will actually learn a user's preferences in order to help guide them toward accurate products and information.

PotDrive has been working hard in lead up to launch connecting to over 24,000 dispensary and delivery companies, with over 2 million products for sale through the App. Another interesting feature is PotDrive's connection with cannabis related legal services, medical marijuana doctors, and B2B companies (such as soil companies and hydroponics brands), with over 50,000 businesses to their directory.

Bardia Rahimzadeh, the founder and creator of PotDrive, estimates that this is about 20 percent more data than WeedMaps and MassRoots combined. "The listings on PotDrive are accurate and up-to-date, giving an edge over other apps. It’s the largest, valid representation of the entire global cannabis marketplace at your fingertips," said Bardia. PotDrive’s mobile product competes as an interesting conduit of communication between growers, dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, delivery services, specialized cannabis industry experts (PR firms, Consultants, Financial Experts, etc), but most importantly the medical marijuana patients and recreational community.

Cannabis Phone Apps

The 2017 competition is getting crowded

PotDrive will be entering a true battle this spring for eyeballs and user clicks as more established directories try and hold ground. However, PotDrive's development team believes that the growing marketplace for marijuana information is hungry for greater innovation and reliability. The Los Angeles Times reported last summer that roughly 62 percent of dispensary reviews on WeedMaps were fictitious, severing the trust amongst many WeedMaps fans.

The creators of PotDrive set out to address the common complaints of WeedMaps users by creating an resource which only lists businesses that are currently in operation. This effort has been bolstered by PotDrive's login / management area where dispensaries can control their profiles, menus, and other data shared through the PotDrive. For an email notification for when you can download PotDrive on your mobile device this spring, visit www.potdrive.com or find them on Instagram @POTDRIVEUSA.

Nick Crowston
Nick Crowston