Need Cannabis-Friendly Accommodation in 2016?

Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado

Cannabis tourism is on the boom in cannabis legal states. There's no secret in that fact. As the state of Colorado just yielded nearly $700M in 2015 sales, it is projected to surpass $1B for 2016. When you add up accommodations, food, transport, activities, and marijuana - the tourism industry has so many commercial opportunities.  Where there is opportunity, technology has a tendency to weave itself into the fabric of the solution. 

If you have itchy travel feet this new year, you may consider a trip to one of the few states that support and celebrate the legal marijuana. If so, check out our Top 5 Online Canna Travel Resources.


#1 Bud & Breakfast 

Bud & Breakfast

If you could only travel with one online cannabis travel site this year, the team behind Bud & Breakfast make a pretty compelling argument for it being theirs. Working as a close carbon copy of Air B&B with interactive maps, calendar booking displays, and ease of transaction, much of the user experience value has been replicated in this online accommodation service. 

Unlike the stuffy rules and regulations of established hotels, Bud & Breakfast connects travellers with local residence owners who are looking to rent their entire property, or a single room. While it's no surprise that the listings are sparse outside of legal US states, the app points to a boom in awareness for canna tourism dollars. The listings for Colorado, Washington, and California go deep.

Mobile Usability Score: 4.5/5

Bud & Breakfast Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado


#2 TwoTenTwice



TwoTenTwice is really more of a general information site with a dedicated section for travel. Within this section the site provides activity info and accommodation listings for Washington and Colorado. While there isn't an app for TwoTenTwice, their website is mobile friendly and lays out well with an interactive map and listing of accommodations and activity vendors.

Mobile Usability Score: 4/5

TwoTwentyTwice Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado


#3 Travel THC

Travel THC

Travel THC is a nice, easy to use, accommodation site serving Colorado and Washington - but it seems to only currently feature Colorado-based listings. The site has a decent array of pricing, while providing extensive information and images about the properties. The booking experience is straight-forward on desktop and mobile.

Mobile Usability Score: 3.5/5

Travel THC Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado


#4 Bud + Breakfast (The Mary Jane Group)

Bud + Breakfast


While the branding is incredibly similar to Bud & Breakfast, B+B is not anywhere near the span of resources provided by 'Bud & Breakfast'. The Mary Jane Group presents 3 cannabis friendly rental properties and units in Colorado and should be looked at more as a boutique accommodation line that offers a consistent accommodation experience across their properties. 

Mobile Usability Score: 3/5

Bud + Breakfast Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado


#5 Kush Tourism

Kush Tourism Seattle

While less than cozy in its online aesthetic and branding, Kush serves a focus on cannabis tourism within Seattle. However, the site does have lodging and dispensary information for Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Alaska. Kush Tourism also has the Kush Guide that you can download for iPhone or Android. This comes with similar content on local laws, activities, accommodations, and dispensaries all tied through an interactive map.

Mobile Usability Score: 3/5

Kush Tourism Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in Colorado

Alli Kozak
Alli Kozak