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For a single person that regularly uses marijuana, High There's mobile social play hustles to raise your chances of meeting up with another like-minded local. And maybe, just maybe, even do more than just get high...Having been labeled as a 'tinder for tokers', it piqued some interest around our office. Unfortunately, it's only available for download on the App Store and Google Play in marijuana-legal US states and everywhere in Canada.

What the people are saying

Having a look at both platforms, the app shows a 3/5 Star user review, with Google boasting over 600 reviews, compared with Apple's meager 12. Seriously. Twelve. I should also point out that with no more scientific scrutiny than simply 'eyeballing it', after clicking pages and pages of Android reviews, the average 3-Star rating seemed to be compiled from polarizing 1/5 and 5/5 Star reviews. As with anything, very little feedback from the happy. Greater detail from the not. But anytime you see this type of rating behavior in product reviews, mehhh....anyway... While the iPhone version of the app appears to be very stable (I'm on an iPhone 6), the Android version of the app gets a fairly rough feedback stream on Google Play where people describe constant app crashes when browsing profiles (bad), and frustration with the general UX, the circle-cropping of profile pics (I had to change mine), the inability to refer back beyond one profile reveal while browsing, and absent notifications, only mentioning a few.

The Set-Up of High There is pretty straight forward:

  • Register (social options) and load your profile picture
  • Filter your preferences for consuming marijuana.
  • How do you like to spend your time high? Go Out, Stay In, or Chat?
High There Cannabis App Review

Bit of a Sausagefest

Once set up, High There allows you to filter access to other profiles by your activity interests, gender preferences, and your geographic / social desperation distance from others within the network. We set that geo-ticker loose on PRIME TIME, 420-Miles radius in central Alberta (420 pre-set feature). That's about 7 hours of drive time at best, to get high, and go home. A pretty wide dragnet we're working with here. It took 75 swipes to see 1 woman. Seventy-five. And that female social void is very noticeable after check-ins, if just optically. So, in real-world terms, it's a total Sausagefest. But hey, it opens up a bit more when you're willing to get on planes. No shocker there (Global pre-set).
There also seems to be a little confusion over the intended use of the app. While being born from a moment of dating frustration by its CEO, Todd Mitchem, he insists High There offers many other practical purposes within localized smoking culture. From our experiences using a few different male profiles, we found most women were not heavily engaged, let alone using High There as a 'dating app'. The male profiles that we reviewed / interviewed were mainly interested in meeting up and consuming marijuana, buying marijuana, or selling it locally.  

Currently Batting 6.29% Social Success Rate

Just to put things in perspective, we tried to 'High There' 80 people within a 2-hour drive. Currently, my particular account boasts a total of 5 'Budd-ies' (clever). And there really isn't a whole lot more to go on other than you rugged good looks and activity selection prowess - so the flock seems pretty meager on the overall engagement side, for our efforts, at least. And we've seen this before...dudes talkin' to dudes.
Cannabis App Technology
As I mentioned earlier, we were experiencing High There exclusively with iPhone 6s, and we had flawless performances by the app. However, there is work to be done on the browsing UX, and maybe more so toward the issue of a heavily skewed social network demographic.

But isn't that the nut that everyone is looking to crack?

Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett