EYCE Mold Water Pipe Demonstration

Instructions For Making An Ice Bong Things You Will Need:

  • Water The EYCE Mold Water Bong Kit
  • A pre-purchased glass slide / bowl - $4 at your local head shop (this is not included in the EYCE Mold Kit)
  • A freezer

Directions Layout the entire EYCE Mold Ice Bong Kit

Place the large silicone sleeve so the rim / hollow side is upright. Next, take the plastic o-ring and drop it within the sleeve, notch side up. This will act as the mouth cap of your bong.

Then place the black plastic spigot into the side wall of the sleeve and secure a snug fit. This will form the port way for your slide, from where you smoke. Fill the sleeve with water, and place the plastic 'foot' of the bong into the top of the now full sleeve. Make sure water even fills inside the foot for a better support.

Place the entire kit, upright, in your freezer over night.

After the unit has been frozen, remove from the freezer and place under warm water to slightly thaw the mold kit. Next, gently remove the black spigot from the bongs side wall. Once removed, gently twist the frozen water bong's foot, freeing the water bong from its silicone sleeve.

Once free, place upright secure the rubber sidewall fitting and metal slide into the side of the bong. You can also place your glass bowl within the slide. Finally, pour water into the bong to the point of reaching the metal slide and you're done. Enjoy cool draws in the hot sun.

Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett