Pharmaceutical Pizza

Marijuana Pizza

Huffington Post reported on a US pizza chain that is introducing a pizza sauce enhanced with cannabis wherever it is legal for medical and recreational use. I’m left wondering — why stop there?

Granted, pizza with a secret ingredient does sound pretty radical, but that’s just the first slice, there is so much more that could be done with this pie-eyed idea.

The chain, Unique Pizza and Subs, based out of Pennsylvania, is reported to be working with “marijuana infusion chefs” for a new cannabis-infused sauce.

The pot pizza may be coming north of the border

The company is looking to expand their offerings, with a “line of frozen cannabis-laced pizzas that would be distributed in states like Colorado and Washington, where the recreational use of pot is legal, and California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Nevada, where marijuana is legal for medical use.”

Colorado has even created some funky fish food pairings. Trendy restaurants can now offer weed recommendations with their sushi. “The honey miso salmon is said to pair best with Sour OG. But if you’re going to tuck into the Katsu Curry, a chicken cutlet with curry sauce, best take a puff of Blue Dream” one restaurant suggests.

Now this is where it gets exciting for those of us in Canada. The pot pizza may be coming north of the border. Bring it on.

Your friends could start hosting “Pot Luck” parties

Well now that’s wonderful, but what about a “Marijuana Milkshake”? It doesn’t need to be just another misleading shot to order for your friends at the bar. I think the world also needs a “Budder Chicken” with nothing but the best buds infused in the sauce. That would make the late night all-you-can-out buffet far more satisfying, right?

We could provide a whole new recipe for “Pot Roast.” Believe me, we are only just scratching the surface. I feel this innovation could breath new life into high society. It is easy to picture of all your socialite friends who could start hosting “Pot Luck” parties throughout the holiday season.

This could be fun. So go on — live the high life.



Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett